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Christmas 2022 Special Wine Box !

Dear friend and wine lover, it is time for the special Charleston Christmas Wine Box 2022. Like last year I selected some great wines from our bountiful province of Arezzo. These wines represent the best variety and quality our territory has to offer. Like last year, they are wines practically unknown to the general public. This selection of wine is so limited as to be impossible to find in the United States.

Podere La Madia wines are masterfully crafted by Giacomo and his mother Lucia. The wine represents a family tradition linked to his father who passed away too soon... Mother and son are linked by a common passion - the wine. From the lush vineyards to the management of the harvest, to the final stages in the cellar, these two wines in Charleston Christmas Wine Box 2022 are two real pearls of my territory.

  • La Madia Bagnolo 2016 is 100% Sangiovese. The structure results in a wonderful elegance and refinement. 3000 bottles are produced
  • La Madia Colombaio 2016 is Sangiovese and Colorino. Only 700 bottles are produced. This wine is a gem of a selection that no wine cellar should be without.
  • The Bioselvatico 2019 is 100% Sangiovese. Produced by Filippo Volpi, an organic wine maniac, using only stainless-steel barrels and then large oak barrels for the last 6 months before the wine is put on the market. Only 3500 bottles are produced on 4 tiny hectares of vineyard.
  • Gabriele Mazzeschi Foramacchie is a Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon blend resulting in a structured and full-bodied set of characteristics. Gabriele's passion combined with his wife Irene‚Äôs precision and attention to detail produce the unique and special Foramacchie.
  • Clio Cicogni has a new wine - Temperance 2020. 100% Petit Verdot. The color is almost a deep black which ensures a great structure and fruit in abundance. It is a wine to drink! Only 1500 bottles are produced making it another rare wine, almost impossible to find in the United States.
  • Sopra 2019 is 100% Pinot Noir. The unique fact that it is made at 700 meters above sea level means the wine is delicately produced due to a complex set temperature ranges. The result is a Pinot Noir that is both elegant and refined. Only 2083 bottles are produced under these unique circumstances.
You can purchase the 2022 Special Christmas Wine Box at the special price of Euro 268.00 (all inclusive).

I hope the special Charleston Christmas Wine Box 2022 is to your taste and I hope to see you soon in Italy!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!
Enoteca Charleston

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Our Special Box includes:

  • Podere La Madia - Bagnolo 2016
  • Podere La Madia - Colombaia 2016
  • IlBioSelvatico 2019
  • Gabriele Mazzeschi - Foramacchie
  • Clio Cicogni - Temperance 2020
  • Fattoria Brena - Sopra 2019
Special Price: 268,00 €
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